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School Overview

Ouyen P-12 College

Ouyen P-12 College was formed in January 2009 combining the former Ouyen Primary and Secondary schools. Both schools brought with them a proud history of achievement and pride in their academic results and extra curricula programs.

The school boasts not only of high student achievement but of high levels of student satisfaction and engagement.

Much work has been done to develop student pathways by providing a variety of choices for senior students including VCE, VCAL, VET and School Based Apprenticeships catering for student needs and interests. On Track Data shows the school has an exemplary record for a high percentage of students going on to Tertiary Education, apprenticeships and fulltime employment.

Ouyen P-12 College aims to become a showcase for other rural-remote schools catering for students from Years Prep to 12. A major school rebuilding project was completed at the beginning of the 2014 school year. This saw new teaching and learning spaces P-12 established on a single campus, as well as new canteen, catering facilities and library.

Ouyen is situated in north-western Victoria, close to both the South Australia and New South Wales borders. The district of Ouyen supports families who expect access to a high quality education in a supportive rural environment.

Ouyen P-12 College provides a comprehensive curriculum aimed at preparing students for their future in the 21st Century. It has strong cooperative links with the Mallee Cluster network of schools.

Teacher Employment

Small schools offer excellent opportunities for staff to gain experience in a wide variety of spheres not normally as accessible in larger centres. These experiences relate to responsibility and leadership opportunities as well as the chance to genuinely contribute as a member of a small team. High standards of student behaviour mean that more time is spent teaching rather than managing student behaviour. Teacher housing is available along with a wide range of community services and facilities, making Ouyen an attractive place to live and work.

Ouyen P-12 College Vision and Values


To provide a positive environment that allows all members of the school community to feel valued and engaged and that enables them to reach their full potential.

To meet the individual needs of all learners by providing a variety of teaching styles and experiences.

To care for and support all students, encourage positive attitudes, a desire to achieve, high self esteem and a sense of community.


Ouyen P-12 College core values: