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Principal's Message

At Ouyen we have been given the opportunity to shape a P-12 College as a learning hub and in doing so facilitate education which is truly with and of the community – a school which produces well balanced young people who are the best they can be and who are able to play a productive part in our society. With the development of our P-12 College, we now have the opportunity to honour the past whilst looking forward and moving toward the future with all of the opportunities and challenges it offers.

In order to achieve our aim of providing high quality, student centred learning and improved outcomes we need to work continuously to bring about improvements in areas such as – subject content, teacher knowledge and skills, and student wellbeing and engagement.

We are aiming to develop our school into a community learning hub which contains state of the art facilities shared across the community and provides learning opportunities for young people from the ages 0 to 18.

As we are all aware, times have changed and continue to change rapidly. Industry and the world in general, reflect these changes and it is vital that education keeps pace with this. If schools aim to retain students and provide the best possible education, they must remain relevant to today’s society by preparing students for the world they will face. I am a strong believer in striving to attain excellence in all endeavors and this is especially true of my vision for Ouyen P-12 College.

As well as building a culture of high expectations of both our students and our staff, I believe that we must also work at developing improved, quality relationships between teachers, students, parents and the community in general.

Our participation in the Mallee Network of schools is also an important way to share and develop an area wide vision and unity of schools. We value our membership of this group as a way of ensuring that we keep abreast of current educational thinking and development.