Parents & Friends

The Ouyen P-12 College Parent’s & Friends is available for all parents/guardians of College students.


Meetings are announced in the College newsletter and on the Ouyen Ambulance Auxiliary Calendar. All parents are welcome to attend the monthly meetings in the staffroom. Attendance at the meetings enables you to be more informed about school activities and gives you the opportunity to support the school to improve educational outcomes. Membership is $2.00 per member.


P.A. occasionally hosts events for the benefit of parents, with guest speakers, on a range of topics.


Fundraising is a key part of the Association’s work. This is mainly through:

a) Function catering – We ask groups of parents to donate time, food items or cash to provide what’s needed.

b) Operating the Sheep Sale Kiosk on sale mornings. It is anticipated that every family takes a turn each year on the Sheep Sale roster – either serving, or providing cakes or sandwiches.

c) These two raise valuable funds to provide equipment and programs for the school.




The cash tin and keys for the sheep sales can be picked up from the Ouyen Newsagency from 8am on sale days.  However, due to an update to auditing processes, these must be returned to the Ouyen P-12 College General Office after each sale.   If there is any need to pick the tin up earlier than Thursday morning please contact the school on 5092 1182. Arrangements will be made with the worker in charge during the school holidays.


Thank you for your assistance with this matter.




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