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At Ouyen we have been given the opportunity to shape a P-12 College as a learning hub and in doing so facilitate education which is truly with and of the community – a school which produces well balanced young people who are the best they can be and who are able to play a productive part in our society. With the development of our P-12 College, we now have the opportunity to honour the past whilst looking forward and moving toward the future with all of the opportunities and challenges it offers.

Some staff have started to send home ‘remote learning packs’ in case we transition to remote learning

7 months ago

Coronavirus update
We are currently awaiting an official update from the Department of Education and we will share this information as soon as it is available. At this stage, school tomorrow as ... See more

7 months ago

In case you haven’t been notified TELSTRA broadband or mobile plans, go to your Telstra 24/7 app and click on the Covid19 banner at the top, you get an extra 25GB of data for free on every service ... See more

7 months ago

The latest update from the Department of Education is that there will be a pupil free day on Friday 27th March (last day of Term 1) and Tuesday April 14th (first day of Term 2). This will allow staff ... See more

7 months ago

Department of Health and Human Services

One of the reasons why schools have been kept open by governments across Australia, on the basis of the advice from the health and medical experts, is that ... See more

7 months ago

Coronavirus Update

Dear Parents,

The latest update from the department has now advised that all excursions outside the school are to be postponed or cancelled, this includes local visits to parks, ... See more

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